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The Super Manual
The Cocktail Bartender
The Nanyang Kopi
The Unmanned Barista
Custom Unit
This Robot Barista can grind, press, tamp, and pull espressos the old school way, but with an automated twist. Not just that, the robot barista can be programmed to create perfect latte art every time. Serves a cup every 1-2 minutes just like a human barista.
Perfect For
Artisan level café and coffee shop concepts. Can work together with human baristas or work independently.
How this helps you
  • 5th wave coffee at affordable scale
  • Minimal operational requirments
    ( 1 staff member to operate )
  • No Barista knowledge required
  • Customizable to blend into setting
This robot cocktail bartender comes with comprehensive cocktail and alcohol solution that can prepare, shake, stir, and serve 50+ types of cocktails at the touch of a button. Serves up to 45 cocktails an hour.
Perfect For
Any setting that needs to be able to create cocktails efficiently and consistently without a mixologist or bartender, especially hotels, bar/cafes, and airport lounges.

Currently being used by bars, cafes, gaming/entertainment centers, and restaurants across Singapore and China.
How this helps you
  • Increase sales affordably
  • Minimal operational requirement
    ( 1 staff member to operate )
  • Inventory of cocktail recipes
  • Customizable to blend into setting
The Nanyang Kopi robot is a trained Tao Chiew (Barista) that can create all permutations of local Southeast Asian Nanyang kopi and Teh. Serves up to 90 cups an hour.
Perfect For
Any kopitiams and food courts where you need to produce for high volumes.

Currently being used by cafes and food courts across Singapore.
How this helps you
  • Increase sales and operational capacity affordably
  • Automate the most difficult part
    ( manual and specialised labour )
  • Minimal operational requirement
    ( 1 staff member to operate )
  • Customizable to blend into setting
It’s manless. Need we say more? A plug and play robotic barista that can serve up to 60 cups an hour without requiring a staff member.
Perfect For
Any facility or company that wants to provide coffee to its customers without having any café experience. Some examples are business facilities, airport lounges, luxury retail outlets, etc.

Currently being used by Singtel’s flagship retail center and Razer'sSoutheast Asia Headquarters.
How this helps you
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Periphery revenue system
  • Zero F&B knowledge required
  • Minimal operational requirement
    ( 1 staff member to operate )
  • Customizable: Outer fabrication to blend into setting or standalone box
But better yet, perhaps you need a unit specifically tailored to meet your beverage needs. From one drink to a wide range of recipes, we can work with you to develop a customized unit to meet your specific business needs. Whether hardware and/or software, we've got you covered.
Perfect For
Any businesses with specific needs or deep integration requirements to existing or new digital platforms。
How this helps you
  • Tailor-made for your unique business and operational needs
  • Deep integration to all of your systems
  • Flexible operational requirements
  • Tailor-made for your unique business and operational needsDeep integration to all of your systemsFlexible operational requirementsBlended to any store design
The Ross Cloud's proprietary Intelligence System analyses, predicts and generates actionable insights for human action.

It enables the operator to understand cutomer & sales behavior and trends to drastically improve store performance like production quality, wastages, menu design etc.

Being deeply embedded within our systems, Our Intelligence System not just listens but also triggers endpoint functionalities like taking products on and off the menu, or when used with our Robotic Systems, monitors realtime hardware performance and inventory.
The Ross Cloud is integratable, our suite of RESTful APIs ensure that you remain plugged into your existing systems and no data is lost. In fact you and may even gain access to more data to work with and our APIs ensures that you can now start building and expanding your digital capaibilities.

Beyond just analytical data, our APIs also enables custom frontend builds. Should you choose not to use our suite of end-user touch points like mobile ordering or order tracking displays, our integration capabilities ensures you can build your own suite without losing functionality.
The Ross Cloud portal is designed and built around the needs of an F&B operator. We use own own technology in our own stores and as such we are clear on the needs and behavior.

The Ross Cloud portal handles everything from inventory management to menu curation and marketing campaigns. It is a one stop portal to handle everything from ERP to Mobile App content, with everything seamlessly controlled and monitored via one single portal.
Deeply integrated with our Ross Cloud is our modular suite of client touchpoint solutions. These solutions are customisable and flexible, so it works for your unique customer journey.

Touchpoints include mobile apps, H5 solutions, Point of Sales (POS), Kitchen Display System (KDS), Customer Display Systems (CDS), Ordering Kiosks etc.

And of course, they all all built with the most modern ordering flows and features like scan to order.
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People deserve more than repetitive work.

At Ross, we build products that removes the various stress and strain on the people in F&B operations by strategically augmenting technology to their daily tasks.

The opportunity cost savings generated is what enables truly meaningful work.

  • 5th Wave Coffee
    The Super Manual
  • Nanyang Kopi
    The NYK
  • Cocktail and Espresso
    The Cocktail Bartender
  • Unmanned Kiosk
    Fully Autonomous Unit
  • Custom Unit
    Tailor fit to your unique business
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